The Commissioner for Education, Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh has restated that it is criminal to operate an unapproved school in Anambra State. Parents are therefore warned to stop sending their children to unapproved schools. Defaulters shall have them selves to blame.

Find below the list of unapproved schools for your guidance.




1. Bethel N/P School Nnewi
2. Blossom Peace P/N Sch. Otolo Nnewi
3. Bright Future N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
4. Bright Mind Nursery & Primary School, Nnewichi Nnewi
5. Chris Elect Peculiar Schools Otolo Nnewi
6. Christ Seed N/P Nnewi
7. Christ the Lords N/P Sch Umudim Nnewi
8. Crown of Glory Nursery & Primary School Nnewichi Nnewi
9. De Rushsah Royal Academy Umudim Nnewi
10. De Golden Lion N/P Sch. Umudim Nnewi
11. Destiny Foundation N/P School Umudim Nnewi
12. Divine Beauty Gift Int’l N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
13. Divine Cedars N/P Sch. Uruagu  Nnewi
14. Divine Excel Unique Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
15. Divine Favour N/P Sch. Nnewi
16. Divine Favour Unique N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
17. Divine Grace N/P Sec. Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
18. Divine Heritage N/P Sec. Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
19. Divine Kiddies N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
20. Divine Mercy N/P Sch. Umudim Nnewi
21. Divine Solution Akaboukwu Uruagu Nnewi
22. Divine Success Int’l N/P Sch. Nnewi
23. Evaro Precious Schools Okofia Otolo Nnewi
24. Faith Kiddies N/P Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
25. Favorite Kids Nursery & Primary SchoolUruagu Nnewi
26. Favours Kid N/P Sch. Umudim Nnewi
27. Foundation N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
28. Fountain of Grace N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
29. Genesis Nursery & Primary School Umudim Nnewi
30. Gifan N/P School, Nnewi
31. Gifted Child N/P Sch.Otolo  Nnewi
32. Gifted Int’l N/P Sch.Umudim Nnewi
33. Gifted Kid’s N/P Umudim Nnewi
34. Glorious Int’l N/P Sch. Nnewi
35. Glory N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
36. God Lead N/P School Uruagu Nnewi
37. Gods Favour Nursery & Primary School Nnewichi Nnewi
38. God’s Vision Secondary School Uruagu  Nnewi
39. Golden Star Nursery & Primary School Nnewichi Nnewi
40. Good Rewards N/P School Uruagu Nnewi
41. Grace Land N/P Sch.Otolo Nnewi
42. Great Royal Wisdom N/P School, Uruagu Nnewi
43. Happy Child N/P School Nnewi
44. Heirs P/N School Nnewichi Nnewi
45. His Grace Nur. Sch. Umudim Nnewi
46. His Great Grace N/P School Uruagu Nnewi
47. His Lords N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
48. Holy Infant N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
49. Hope of Wisdom Nursery & Primary SchoolUruagu Nnewi
50. Jafed N/P School Uruagu Nnewi
51. Jesus Freedom Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
52. Justice Sec. School Nnewichi Nnewi
53. Kacio N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
54. Kadimal N/P Sch Umudim Nnewi
55. Kids With Vision N/P School  Obiofia Nnewichi Nnewi
56. King David Nursery Sch,. Nnewi
57. La Sophia N/P School Umudim Nnewi
58. Life Scope Winners Schools Nnewi
59. Living Star N/P School Otolo Nnewi
60. Lofty Vision Primary School, Uruagu Nnewi
61. Maranatha Sec. Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
62. Nation Builders Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
63. Nazareth N/P School, Nnewichi Nnewi
64. New Bethel Nur./Pri. School, Uruagu Nnewi
65. Nodus N/P Sch. Umudim Nnewi
66. Our Lady Queen/ Of Peace, Uruagu Nnewi
67. Peace and Stability Int’l Sch. Otolo Nnewi
68. Peculiar Child Nursery & Primary School , Uruagu Nnewi
69. Peculiar N/P Sch. Nnewi, Nnewichi Nnewi
70. Precious kid Nursery & Primary school Umudim Nnewi
71. Prince of Peace N/P , Otolo Nnewi
72. Rising Star N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
73. Royal Bold N/P Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
74. Royal Kids N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
75. Royal Majesty N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
76. Royal Secondary Sch. Nnewi
77. Royal God’s Mercy, N/P School, Otolo Nnewi
78. Skyline N/P Sch, Otolo Nnewi
79. Smart Kids Academy , Uruagu Nnewi
80. Solid Rock N/P Uruagu Nnewi
81. Splendid Kids Nursery & Primary School, Nnewichi Nnewi
82. Spring Garden  Nursery & Primary School , Nnewichi Nnewi
83. St. Bartholomew Nursery & Primary School , Umudim Nnewi
84. Supreme Kids N/P Sch, Uruagu Nnewi
85. Temple of Faith N/P Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
86. The Emeritus N/P School , Umudim Nnewi
87. The Lords Ambassadors Nursery & Primary School, Uruagu Nnewi
88. Trinitas Schools Umudim Nnewi
89. Triumphant Nursery & Primary School Umudim Nnewi
90. Victory Ideal Nursery & Primary School , Uruagu Nnewi
91. Virgins of Christ Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
92. Zuwi Private Schools, Obiofia Nnewi
93. Golden Lion P/N Umudim Nnewi
96. The Throne of Grace Sec. School, Okpunoegbu Umudim-Nnewi


97. Best Brain Sec. School, Akaborukwu Uruagu-Nnewi


98. Endora N/P School, Nnewichi


99. Crystals N/P School, Umudim Nnewi


100. Empire School of Intelligent, Afia Obiumudim Umudim Nnewi


101. Eldorado N/P School, Nnewichi










1. Root of David N/P School, Ukpor
2. God First N/P School, Ukpor
3. Blessed Kids N/P School, Ukpor
4. Young Star N/P School, Amichi
5. Prodigious N/P School, Amichi
6. Enizim N/P School, Ekwulumili
7. Delight N/P School, Ukpor
8. Rock of Life N/P School, Osumenyi
9. St. James N/P School, Azigbo
10. Solid Rock N/P School, Amichi
11. Be Wise N/P School, Amichi
12. Growing Star N/P School, Utuh
13. Divine Foundation N/P School, Amichi
14. God’s Best N/P School, Amichi
15. Goodness & Mercy N/P School, Unubi
16. Divine Mercy N/P School, Ezinifite
17. Bethel Secondary School, Ekwulumili
18. Great Foundation Secondary School, Amichi
19. St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School, Ebenator
20.  Godian N/P School, Unubi


21.  Trinity N/P School, Utuh


22.  Great Foundation Secondary School, Amichi


23.  St. Charles Borromeo Secondary School, Ebenator


24.  Blessed Child N/P School, Ukpor






1. Brave Heart N/P School, Okija
2. Good Shepherd N/P School, Ihiala
3. Stepping Stone N/P School, Ihiala
4. Fresh Focus N/P School, Ihiala
5. Good Child N/P School, Lilu
6. New Age Foundation N/P School, Okija
7. Fishers of Men N/P School, Mbosi
8. Christ Ambassador N/P School, Isseke
9. Transformation N/P School, Uli
10. Zion Kids N/P School, Uli
11. New Covenant N/P School, Uli
12. Seat of Wisdom N/P School, Uli
13. Grace of God Primary School, Uli
14. St. Dominic N/P School, Ihiala
15. Sister Ogoos N/P School, Uli
16. Ultimate Star N/P School, Uli
17. Divine Nature N/P School, Amaduru Ihiala
18. Bright Star N/P School, Uli
19. MacDennis Model N/P School, Uli
20. Royal Wisdom International N/P School, Uli
21. Wisdom International N/P School, Uli
22. Destiny International N/P School, Uli
23. Bencaro N/P School, Uli
24. Best Kids Academy N/P School, Uli
25. Chimere N/P School, Uli
26. Radiance Academy Primary School, Uli
27. Divine Favour N/P School, Uli
28. George Best Group of Schools, Uli
29. Uchechukwu N/P School, Ihiala
30. Brain Academy N/P School, Ihiala
31. Little Angels N/P School, Ihiala
32. Wisdom International Primary School, Uli
33. Divinity Nursery School, Ihiala
34. Kings N/P School, Ihiala
35. Living Spring N/P School, Uli
36. Star Ends Nursery School, Uli
37. Readiness N/P School, Uli
38. ECCO International N/P School, Uli
39. Success and Great Academy N/P School, Ihiala
40. Greener Pasture N/P School, Okija
41. Angel’s Academy N/P School, Okija
42. Divine Kingsley N/P School, Amorka
43. Mantle Model N/P School, Okija
44. Exceptional Children Academy N/P School, Ihiala
45. Star Kids N/P School, Ihiala
46. Future Child N/P School, Ihiala
47. Destiny Child N/P School, Uli
48. Favoured Child N/P School, Amorka
49. Kingdom Kids N/P School, Isseke
50. Divine Hope N/P School, Akwa Ihiala
51. Emey’s Model Nursery School, Uli
52. Marvelous N/P School, Okija
53. St. Charles N/P School, Lilu
54. Oxford Empire N/P School, Ihiala
55. Tender Care N/P School, Okija
56. Child Pride N/P School, Uli
57. Brain Gate N/P School, Okija
58. Elite International School, Ihiala
59. Divine Light N/P School, Okija
60. First Foundation N/P School, Ihiala
61. Christ Friend N/P School, Orsumoghu
62. God’s Word Royal N/P School, Ihiala
63. The Crystal Mind N/P School, Ihiala
64. Evange the Great Academy N/P School, Ihiala
65. Success and Great Academy N/P School, Ihiala
66. Good Shepherd Nursery School, Okija
67. Light Academy Nursery School, Okija
68. Kosisochukwu Nursery School, Okija.
69. Successful Learners Nursery School, Okija
70. Migrant Nursery School, Okija
71. His Glory Nursery School, Uli


72. Godly Child Nursery School, Ihiala
73. God’s Own Nursery School, Ihiala
74. Arise and Shine Nursery School, Uli
75. Ultimate Star Nursery School, Uli
76. Christ Foundation Nursery , Ihiala
77. God’s Glory Nursery School, Uli
78. Oxford Secondary School, Ihiala
79. Bright Future Secondary School, Ihiala
80. Excellent Mind Secondary School, Ihiala
81. Wisdom Secondary School, Ihiala
82. No-Comparism Secondary School, Ihiala
83. God’s Glory Academy Secondary School, Uli
84. Bethel Secondary School, Ihiala
85. Success Secondary School, Ihiala
86. St. Ernest Modern Secondary School, Uli
87. Brave Heart S/S Uli
88. New Era S/S Ihiala
89. Kezi S/S Ihiala
90. Brain Academy Ihiala
91. Higher Achiever S/S Isseke
92. Brain Gate S/S Okija
93. L.O Montessori S/S Ihiala
94. God’s World Royal S/S Ihiala
95. St. Paul S/S Okija
96. Cherished N/P School, Amorka


97. God’s Glory N/P School, Mbosi






1. Anointed N/P School, Ozubulu
2. Arise and Shine N/P School, Ozubulu
3. Brain Stone N/P School, Oraifite
4. Bright Future N/P School, Oraifite
5. Bright Mind N/P School, Ichi
6. Bright Star N/P School, Ozubulu
7. Christ the King N/P School, Oraifite
8. Covenant Mind Academy N/P School, Ichi
9. Destiny Kings and Queens N/P School, Ozubulu
10. Destiny Kids N/P School, Ichi
11. Deyon Foundation N/P School, Oraifite
12. Divine Gift N/P School, Oraifite
13. Divine Light N/P School, Ihembosi
14. Excel Model N/P School, Oraifite
15. Excel Model N/P School, Ozubulu
16. Freedom Academy N/P School, Irefi Oraifite
17. God Heritage N/P School, Ozubulu
18. God’s Foundation N/P School, Oraifite
19. Golden Gate N/P School, Ozubulu
20. Golden Kids N/P School, Oraifite
21. Good Reward N/P School, Oraifite
22. Great God’s Favour N/P School, Ozubulu
23. Heritage N/P School, Ozubulu
24. Hill Top N/P School , Ichi
25. Kids Angel N/P School, Ozubulu
26. King David N/P School, Oraifite
27. Little Angel N/P School, Ebgema Ozubulu
28. Living Word N/P School, Ezumeri Oraifite
29.  St. Luke N/P School, Oraifite
30. Peace Amiable N/P School, Oraifite
31. Precious Mind Academy N/P School, Ozubulu
32. Rock Foundation N/P School, Ozubulu
33. Royal N/P School, Oraifite
34. St. Philip N/P School, Ozubulu
35. Steady Flow N/P School, Oraifite
36. True Light N/P School, Orfaifite
37. Turning Point N/P School, Ozubulu
38. Wisdom of God Begins Well N/P School, Oraifite
39. King David Sec. School, Oraifite
40. Turning Point Sec. School, Ozubulu
41. Be Right Destiny College, Ichi
42. Golden Gate Sec. School, Ozubulu
43. De Great Magrette Sec. School, Nza Ozubulu
44. Seat Of Wisdom Sec. School, Oraifite
45. De Light Sec. School, Ichi.





1. St. Mary’s N/P School, Umudiora Anam
2. St. Michael’s N/P School, Umikwu Anam
3. New Classified N/P School, Onono Anam
4. Immanuel Anglican N/P School, Onono Anam
5. All Saints N/P School, Oroma-Etiti Anam
6. St. Andrew’s Primary School, Mmiata Anam
7. New Classified Sec. School, Onono Anam
8. Immanuel Anglican Sec. School, Onono Anam
     9.  New Classical School, Onono
    10.  Eldoria Primary School, Mmiata-Anam
    11.  God is Able School, Nkwoji Umuem Anam
    12.  Eden Life Academy Oroma-Etiti Anam
    13.  God is Able N/P School, Nkwoji Umuenwelum Anam





1. Victory N/P School, Udoka Estate Nsugbe
2. Prime Kids N/P School, Abata Nsugbe
3. Brilliant N/P School, Abata Nsugbe
4. Messiah is Mighty N/P School, Abata Nsugbe
5. Light Way N/P Scholl, Abata Nsugbe
6. Best Foundation N/P School, Aguleri
7. Field of God N/P School, Aguleri
8. Immanuel N/P School, Aguleri
9. Early Saint N/P School, Aguleri
10. Pace Setters N/P School, Nsugbe
11. Corner Stone N/P School, Nando
12. St. John of Arc N/P School, Nando
13. Light of Jah N/P School,Umueri
14. Prince and Princesses N/P School, Abata Nsugbe
15. Maureen Holy N/P School, Nsugbe
16. Diamond Elite N/P School, Aguleri
17. Divine Victory N/P School, Umueri
18. Rise Above Primary School, Nando
19. Best Future Sec. School, Nsugbe
20. Pace Setters Sec. School, Nsugbe
21. Maureen Holy Sec. School, Nsugbe
22. God is Great Sec. School, Nsugbe
23. King Kizzy Sec. School, Aguleri
24. Corner Stone Foundation Sec. School, Nando
25. De Cherish Paral School, Nsugbe
26. Mater Christi Academy Sec. School, Nsugbe
27. Above All N/P & Sec. School, Nsugbe
28. Excellent Academy N/P School, Nsugbe
29. God’s Own Kids N/P School, Nsugbe
30. Jane Frances N/P School, Nsugbe
31. Lofty Height N/P School, Nsugbe
32. God is Able N/P School, Aguleri
33. Young Achievers N/P School, Nsugbe
34. Up Christ N/P school, Nsugbe
35. Double Edge Academy N/P School, Nsugbe
36 Mighty King Academy N/P School, Nsugbe











1. Royal N/P School, Ifite-Ogwari
2. St. Thomas N/P School, Igbakwu
3. Golden Kids N/P School, Omor
4. Great Star N/P School, (People Elevated Group of School)       Omor
5.  St. Luke School, Omor





1. Day Spring N/P School, Awka
2. God’s Will N/P School, Umudioka Awka
3. Paddy Pachar N/P School, Umudioka Awka
4. City of Living Fountain Umuogbu Awka
5. Precious Child N/P School, Umuogbu Awka
6. Promising Child N/P School, Umuogbu Awka
7. Upcoming N/P School, Ifite-Awka
8. Glorious Body N/P School, Nkwelle-Awka
9. Canaan Vineyard N/P School,  Nkwelle-Awka
10. Great Kids N/P School, Nkwelle-Awka
11. Paragon N/P School, Ifite-Awka
12. Diamond N/P School, Secretariat Road Awka
13. Heart of Gold N/P School, Okpuno
14. Blessed Hope N/P School, Umunaga Awka
15. Brilliant Hope N/P School, Nibo
16. Throne of Grace N/P School, Ifite-Awka
17. Divine Children of Light N/P School, Ifite-Awka
18. Divine Grace N/P School, Umuzocha Awka
19. Grace Land N/P School, Amaenyi Awka
20. Grace Gate N/P School, Amikwo Awka
21. Divine N/P School, Awka
22. Shillo Hill N/P School, Okpuno
23. Glory Model N/P School, Okpuno
24. Ambassador N/P School, Okpuno
25. Victory Day N/P School, Okpuno
26. Kingdom Kiddies N/P School, Okpuno
27. University Success N/P School, Okpuno
28. High Brain N/P School, Okpuno
29. De Excellent N/P School, Amikwo Awka
30. Salvation N/P School, Obunagu Awka
31. Salvation World N/P School, Nibo
32. Chosen Seed N/P School, Amikwo Awka
33. Bright International N/P School, Govt’ House Awka
34. Treasure Field N/P School, Amawbia
35. Holy Trinity N/P School, Ifite Nibo
36. Sun Shine N/P School, Amenyi Awka
37. Good Shepherd N/P School, Amawbia
38. Divine Glory N/P School, Ifite- Awka
39. Mind Builders N/P School, Awka
40. God is With Us N/P School, Ifite-Awka
41. Promise N/P School, Amaenyi Awka
42. Destiny Leader N/P School, Nibo
43. Destiny Floxy N/P School, Ifite-Awka
44. Christ In Me N/P School, Amaenyi Awka
45. Nobel King N/P School, Okpuno
46. Pillar N/P School, Aroma Junction Awka
47. Divine Immaculate N/P School, Umuzocha Awka
48. Divine N/P School, Ndiora Ezinator
49. Excellent Kid N/P School, Nkwelle –Awka
50. Saint N/P School, Amawbia
51. David N/P School, Agu Awka
52. Christ in Me N/P School, Nibo
53. Praise Model Nursery School, Nise
54. Abundant Hope N/P School, Awka
55. Oil Field N/P School, Nibo
56. Abundant Life N/P School, Awka
57. Avenue Grace Int’l School, Okpuno
58. Blessed Hope Kiddies Acadamy, Awka
59. Covenant Child N/P School, Umuogbu Awka
60. De Emerald Seed Int’l School, Ifite Awka
61. Divine Angel N/P School, Awka
62. Divine Care School, Umuawulu
63. Divine Kids Daycare N/P School, Okpuno
64. Faithful Bethel N/P School, Isiagu
65. Future Light N/P School, Isiagu
66. Favour of God N/P School, Awka
67. Gift of Almighty God N/P School, Awka
68. God’s Foundation N/P School, Umuazu Nise
69. God’s Aroma Academy N/P School, Awka
70. Glorious N/P School, Okpuno
71. Gold N/P School, Amawbia
72. Good Shepherd Model Ngene Amawbia
73. Bramat Bright Academy Okpuno
74. Hosanna Heritage N/P Umueze Amawbia
75. Huldah Academy N/P School, Umuonaga Awka
76. Living Fountain N/P School, Umuogbu Awka
77. Kailis N/P School, Okpuno
78. Prime Kiddies N/P School, Awka
79. Rock of Favour N/P School, Amikwo Awka
80. Recovery Academy N/P School, Awka
81. Shalom Int’l N/P Okochiime Okpuno
82. Shiloh Kiddies N/P School, Awka
83. Sun Rise N/P School, Awka
84. Timoleen N/P School, Ifite Awka
85. Unity Primary School, Umuokpu
86. Giant Int’l N/P School, Amawbia
87. God’s Potter Field N/P School, Gov’t House Awka
88. Choosen Seed Ogbunechendo Awka
89. Jannifa N/P Ukwudala Amikwo Awka
90. Onward Christian Academy Awka
91. Vision N/P School, Umudioka Awka
92. Victory N/P School, Okpuno
93. Gloval N/P School, Nibo
94. Liberated Kids Umuanum Nibo
95. God’s Glory N/P School, Umuanum Nibo
96. Faith N/P School, Nibo
97. Divine Wisdom Excellent School, Nibo
98. Spring Field N/P School, Awka
99. Moses N/P School, Nibo
100. Blue-Print N/P School, Awka
101. Salvation Army N/P School, Nise
102. Prosperous N/P School, Awka
103. Glory Model Sec. School, Okpuno
104. Elite Sec. School, Awka
105. Assurance Academy High School, Ifite-Awka
106. Great Mind Sec. School, Ifite-Awka
107. Upcoming Sec. School, Ifite-Awka
108. Rose of Sharon Sec, School, Ifite -Awka
109. Purity Sec. School, Amikwo-Awka
110. Cecel Secondary School, Okpuno
111. Frances Leon Secondary School, Amawbia
112. St. Peter Sec. School, Nise
113. Sharon Secondary School, Okpuno
    117. Anuri Lesson Centre Okpuno
118. Rehoboth College Okpuno
119. Wimsy Int’l. School, Okpuno
120. Salvation Academy Amikwo Awka
121. Prime Zest Okpuno
122. Light of the World Nise
123. Pearl Fountain Academy Nibo
124. Holy Trinity N/P School, Ifite Nibo
125. De Emeraid Seed Ifite Awka
126. Achiever N/P School, Nodu Okpuno
127. Divine Wisdom N/P School, Nodu Okpuno
128. Divine Joy N/P School, Agu-Awka
129. Solid Rock N/P School, Okpuno







1. Wisdom N/P School, Akwaeze
2. Save the Lost N/PSchool, Ichida
3. Glory Kids N/P School, Ichida
4. Seat of Wisdom N/S Nri
5. Thomas N/S Neni
6. Unity N/S Adazi Nnukwu
7. God Wins N/P School, Agulu
8. Look Above N/P School, Agulu
9. Destiny Comprehensive Sec. School Ichida
10. God Wins Sec. School Agulu
11. St Jude Unique Sec School Adazi Ani
2          12. St. Regis School of Excellence Ichida












1. Grany Kids N/S Abagana
2. Busy Brain N/P School, Abagana
3. Blessed Child N/P School, Nimo
4. Land of Exploit Model N/P School, Enugwu-Ukwu
5. Wisdom Heritage N/S, Enugwu-Agidi
6. Blossom Scholars Academy N/P School, Enugwu-Ukwu
7. Basfera N/P School, Nawfia
8. Little Angel, N/P School, Enugwu Ukwu
9. Evangel N/P School, Enugwu-Agidi
10. Rock N/S, Abagana
11. Bright Star Child Academy, Enugwu-Ukwu
12. Gerrvey Int’l N/S, Abagana
13. Great Children P/S, Enugwu-Ukwu
14. Little Saints P/S, Abagana
15. Success Model Academy P/S, Enugwu-Agidi
16. Evangelical P/S, Enugwu-Agidi
17. Arise and Shine P/S, Enugwu-Agidi.
18. Kings and Shepherds P/S, Enugwu-Agidi
19. Salvation City Academy P/S, Abagana
20. Holy Family P/S, Enugwu-Ukwu
21. Green Pasture S.S, Enugwu-Ukwu
22. Maria Gracia S S Nimo.
23. Sunbeam S/S, Nawfia.
24.  Divine Mercy N/P School, Enugwu-Agidi
25.  Victory N/P School, Nawfia








S/NO                                  NAME OF SCHOOL


1 Finger of God N/P School, Mgbakwu
2 Great leader N/P School, Isuaniocha
3 Christ the King N/P School, Mgbakwu
4 Blessed child N/P School, Achalla
5 God’s love N/P School, Amansea
6 St. Paul N/P School, Ogulibe/Ebenebe.
7 St Paul’s N/P School, Awbaofemili
8 Winners Secondary School, Amansea
9 St. Stephen N/P and Sec. School, Amansea









1. Holy Child N/P School, Ojoto
2. Christ Church N/P School, Oba
3. Unique N/P School, Oba
4. Wonderful Jesus N/P School, Oba
5. Jireh N/P School, Nnobi
6. Better N/P School,Oba
7. Busy Brain Primary School,Awka-Etiti
8. Progressive N/P School,  Awka-Etiti
9. St. Michaels’s N/P School, Awka-Etiti
10. World Changers N/P School, Ojoto
11. Brain Field N/P School, Oba
12. St. John Trinity Primary School
13. Chosen Generation N/P School, Awka-Ukwu
14. St. Stephen Primary School, Oba
15. St. Benedict N/P School, Nnobi
16. Anointed Kids N/P School, Nnobi
17. God’s Mercy N/P School, Nnobi
18. Vicmicky N/P School, Nnobi
19. Divine Treasure N/P School, Oba
20. Olivetary Nursery School, Oba
21. Good Shepherd (the Lord )Nursery School, Oba
22. St. Gerald Nursery School, Oba
23. St. Mary S/S Awka-Etiti
24. Mount Zion S/ S Nnobi
25. St Barnabas S/S Ojoto
26. Ambassador S/S Ojoto
    28.  Victory N/P School, Ojoto
    29.  Great Career N/P School, Nnobi
    30.  All Saints N/P School, Oba







1. Brain Theatre Int’l School, Obosi
2. Kiddies Affairs Model School, Awada
3. Immaculate  N/P and Sec School, Awada
4. Emmanuel Int’l School, Obosi
5. Royal Foundation N/P School, Obosi
6. Acme Int’l N/P School, Obosi
7. Image of God N/P School, Obosi
8. Our Lady’s Heritage Sec. School, Obosi
9. St. Vincent Int’l Academy, Ogidi
10. Hokil Model Schools Awada
11. Elite Apostles Awada
12. New Jerusalem N/P School, Awada
13. Emmanuel Kids Academy, Awada
14. God’s Time Kids Awada
15. Gate Way or Great Kids Int’l N/P & Sec. School, Nkpor
16. Greater Rock Academy Nkpor
17. Brighter Future Sec. School, Odume Obosi
18. Learning City Int’l N/P School, Obosi
19. De- Rizas Academy Awada
20. Light of Success N/P School, Awada
21. Solid Foundation N/P School, Awada
22. Matheuny Education Consult School, Awada
23. Bright Future Foundation N/P School, Obosi
24. Holy Lamp In’l N/P School, Obosi
25. Jesus Choice N/P School, Obosi
26. Ivory Vine Academy N/P School, Ogidi
27. St. Michael Foundation N/P School, Awada
28. Fortunate In’l N/P School, Nkpor
29. Current School Awada
30. New Hope N/P School, Nkpor
31. Grace land Int’l School, Nkpor
32. Velyn Foundation School, Obosi
33. Greater Great School, Nkpor
34. Ambassador of High School, Obosi
35. God’s Time School, Awada
36. God’s Foundation Obosi
37. Seat Of Wisdom Obosi
38. God’s Grace N/P School, Nkpor
39. Intellectual Montessori School, Awada
40. Divine Kids Montessori School, Awada
41. Jesus Divine Piller Int’l School, Nkpor
42. Destiny Emeral School, Obosi
43. Future Leaders Int’l School, Obosi
44. Divine and Marvelous School, Nkpor
45. Apex Int’l School, Obosi
46. Priceless N/P School Nkpor
47. Rita Rich Unique School, Nkpor
48. Good News Giant Academy, Ogidi
49. Good Success In’l N/P School, Obosi
50. Golden Child Academy Obosi
51. God’s Glory Int’l School, Obosi
52. Wisdom Sec. School, Ogidi
53. Great Reward Academy, Ogidi
54. Great Height School, Obosi
55. Great Future Int’l N/P School, Obosi
56. Great Foundation School. Obosi
57. Great Favour Kids Academy Nkpor
58. Jesus is the King N/P School, Nkpor
59. Iyienu Int’l School, Ogidi
60. New Generation N/P School, Ogidi
61. Restoration Montessori N/P School, Ogidi


62. God’s Approval Nursery School Ogidi
63. God’s Own School, Nkpor
64. Grace and Truth N/P School, Obosi
65. Lucky Child Foundation School, Obosi
66. Leaders N/P School, Obosi
67. God’s Own Foundation School, Ogidi
68. Citizens Comprehensive School, Nkpor
69. Glory Int’l School, Obosi
70. Primus Hallowed Int’l School, Obosi
71. Victory Model School, Obosi
72. Rev. Isaac Ejindu Academy High School, Uke
73. Solid Academy High School, Awada
74. St. Luke Int’l Model School, Uke
75. Successful Kids Sec. School, Obosi
76. Unique Model N/P School, Nkpor
77. Galis N/P School, Nkpor
78. Great Favour Kids Academy Nkpor
79. Divine Mercy School Awada
80. Divine Mercy School, Obosi
81. Divine Model N/P School, Ogidi
82. Divine Reigning Kings and Queens Foundation School, Nkpor
83. God’s Promise Int’l N/P School Obosi
84. Favourish Academy Obosi
85. Future Academy Obosi
86. Giant Step Int’l N/P School, Obosi
87. God’s Will juniorate  N/P School, Obosi
88. Bright Future N/P School, Nkpor
89. Fear God N/P School, Awada
90. Divine Power Academy N/P School, Ogidi
91. Dunamis N/P School, Ogidi
92. God’s Favour N/P School, Ogidi
93. Ark of God N/P School Ogidi
94. Brain Child N/P School, Obosi
95. Prince Sec. School, Nkpor
96. Noah Standard Academy School, Nkpor
97. Libration N/P School, Awada
98. Achievers Corner N/P School, Nkpor
99. Dovik Leaders N/P School, Nkpor
100. Great Fulfillment N/P School, Nkpor
101. Gilead Tower Int’l School, Nkpor
102. Prudence Int’l School, Nkpor
103. Lucky Child N/P School, Obosi
104. Merciful Jesus Academy N/P and Sec. School, Obosi
105. Matheuny Education Consult N/P School, Obosi
106. Beautiful Dove N/P School, Obosi
107. Possible Modern N/P School, Obosi
108. Rubby Int’l School Awada
109. Kings Foundation N/P School, Obosi
110. Gods Solution N/P School, Ogidi
111. God’s Love N/P School, Ogidi
112. Godly Kids N/P School, Ogidi
113. Future Leaders Nursery and Primary School, Ogidi
114. Bright Future N/P School, Ogidi
115. UK N/P School, Ogidi
116. Success Unbreakable N/P and Sec. School, Obosi
117. Divinity Glory Int’l School Obosi
118. Mount Horeb N/P School, Awada
119. New Hope N/P School, Ogidi
120. Hope of Wisdom int’l Sec, School, Nkpor
121. Treasure Kids N/P School, Nkpor
122. Solid Rock Foundation Sec. School, Nkpor
123. Holy Family Sisters of the Needy N/P School, Awada
124. Bright Star Foundation N/P School Nkpor
125. New Idea Academy N/P School, Nkpor
126. Divine Heritage Academy N/P School, Nkpor
127. Salvation N/P School, abatete
128. Mount Horbe N/P School, Awada
129. God’s Model N/P School, Awada
130. Divine Treasure N/P School, Obosi
131. God’s Glory N/P School, Ogidi
132. God’s Kids Foundation School, Awada
133. Exciting Group of Schools Obosi
134. Merciful Jesus Academy Awada
135. Global Specific N/P School, Nkpor
136. Great Heritage N/P School,
137. Great Intellectual Academy N/P School, Nkpor
138. Start Right N/P School Nkpor
139. Mother of Divine Care Special School, Awada
140. St. Joseph N/P School, Ogidi
141. Wonderful N/P School, Obosi
142. New Age Academy N/P School, Obosi
143. Golden Knowledge N/P School, Abatete
144. Future Glory N/P School, Obosi
145. Ntuoyi N/P School, Ogidi
146. Norman N/P School Ogidi
147. Great Brilliant N/P School, Ogidi
148. Godly Kids N/P School, Ogidi.



1. Ambassador Model School Ifitedunu
2. Best Class Academy Umudioka
3. Best Kids N/P School, Ifitedunu
4. Christ the King N/P School, Ifitedunu
5. Christ the Way N/P School, Umudioka
6. Divine Int’l N/P School, Ukwulu
7. Divine Education Primary School, Ifitedunu
8. Evangel Academy N/P School, Umunachi
9. Great Ambassador Mission N/P School, Ifitedunu
10. Happy Day N/P School, Ifitedunu
11. Kingdom Kids N/P School, Ifitedunu
12. Royal Child Academy N/P School, Ifitedunu
13. St. Marks N/P School, Umunachi
14. Holy Child N/P School, Ifitedunu
15. Our Mother of Perpetual Help N/P School, Ifitedunu
16. Adonai Nursery School, Umunachi
17. Divine Grace Sec. School, Ukwulu
         18.  Our Mother of Perpetual Help N/P School, Ifitedunu


         19.  Soteria Primary School, Ukpo


         20.  Rural Women Foundation Sec. School, Ukpo


         21. Golden Kids Sec. School, Ifitedunu


         22.  Our Saviour N/P School, Ifitedunu









1. Charity N/P School, Umuomaku
2. Brainwork Academy, Ezira
3. Jeridan Spring Academy, Umunze
4. Divine Mercy Montessori Academy, Umunze
5. St. Mary’s N/P School, Owerre-Ezukala
6. The Lords Chosen N/P School, Ihite
7. Soloquest N/P School, Ihite
8. High Achievers’ Nursery School, Eziagu
9. Brighter Future Nursery School, Umunze
10. Kenora Innovative High School, Umunze
11. Unique Kiddies Academy Ubaha-Umunze
12. Kingsignet Academy Ugwuaro-Umunze








1. Divine Grace N/P School, Ezinifite
2. Jefeed N/P School, Ekwulobia
3. Jodia Divine N/P School, Uga
4. Great Genius Discovery N/P School Nkpologwu
5. Jesus Cares N/P School, Igboukwu
6. Gifted Heart N/P School, Uga
7. God’s Favour N/P School, Uga
8. Mission of God N/P School, Uga
9. Perfect Heart Gifted N/P School, Uga
10. St. Joseph N/P School, Achina
11. Holy Mission N/P School, Akpo
12. Hope N/P School, Umuona
13. Star Light Secondary School, Ekwulobia
14. Mission N/P School, Ngo-Igboukwu
15. Greater Glory N/P School, Ekwulobia
16. Great Ambassador Primary School, Ekwulobia
17. Pillars Primary School, Nkpologwu
18. Standard Primary School, Uga
19. St. Dominic Primary School, Ekwulobia
20. Olives Sec. School, Uga
21. Great Genius Discovery Sec. School, Nkpologwu
22. Victorious Impartation Sec. School, Uga
23. Covenant Children of God Sec. School, Umuchu
24. Jefeed Sec. School Ekwulobia
25.  Gifted Heart N/P School, Uga
26.  God’s Favour N/P School, Uga
27.  Mission of God N/P School, Uga
28.  Perfect Heart Gifted N/P School, Uga
29.  Holy Mission N/P School, Akpo
30.  Hope N/P School, Umuona
31.  Star Light Sec. School, Ekwulobia
32.  Mission N/P School, Ngo-Igboukwu





1. Wisdom N/P School, Awgbu
2. Christ Foundation N/P School, Enugwu AborUfuma
3. PACOT N/P School, Ajalli
4. PACOT N/P School, Amaokpala
5. St. Andrews N/P School, Nanka
6. Great Success N/P School, Ufuma
7. Peculiar N/P School, Ndikelionwu
8. Presidential Academy Ufuma
9. CEM N/P School, Ndiowu
10. Grace so Amazing N/P School, Ufuma
11. King David N/P School, Nanka
12. Jesus Saves the Lost N/P School, Nanka
13. Football Academy N/P School, Ufuma
14. Divine Standard N/P School, Nanka
15. Evangel Mode School, Nanka
16. United Church of Christ N/P School, Nnaka





1. Unique Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
2. Chiazo Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
3. Great Land Marks Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
4. Victorious Child Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
5. Green Hill Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
6. Intellectual Development Model School, Onitsha
7. Comfort Kids Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
8. Blossom Kids Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
9. La Solution Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
10. Christ the God Shepherd Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
11. Divine Victory Foundation Nur/ Primary School, Onitsha
12. Noah Standard Academy Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
13. Awesome Brainy Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
14. Bethel Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
15. Blessed Cyrain Iwene Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
16. Angels Guard Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
17. Success Kids Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
18. St Mary’s Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
19. Royal Bridge Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
20. Fort Scientia Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
21. Pinnacle Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
22. Favorite Kids Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
23. New Generation Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
24. Resurrection Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
25. Kingdom Leaders Nur/Pri/Sec. School, Onitsha
26. Little Angel Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
27. Blossom Academy Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
28. Sydney Flora Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
29. Delight Academy Nursery School, Onitsha
30. Victory Child Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
31. Platonic Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
32. Chez Foundation Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
33. Our Lord’s Standard Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
34. Cantonment Islamic Affair Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
35. Peculiar Height Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
36. Nikos Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
37. Holy Seed Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
38. Glorious Kids Nur/Primary School, Onitsha
39. Resurrection Secondary School, Onitsha
40. New Generation Secondary School, Onitsha
41. Godly Seed Secondary School, Onitsha
42. Christ Int’l. College, Onitsha
43.  Kingdom Leaders N/P and Sec. School, Onitsha
44.  Little Angel N/P School, Onitsha
45.  Blossom Academy N/P School, Onitsha
46.  Sydney Flora N/P School, Onitsha
47.  Delight Academy N/P School, Onitsha
48.  Victory Child N/P School, Onitsha
49.  Platonic N/P School, Onitsha
50.  Chez Foundation N/P School, Onitsha
51.  Our Lords Standard N/P School, Onitsha
52.  Cantonment Islamic Affair N/P School, Onitsha
53.  Christ Int’l. College, Onitsha
54.  Peculiar Height N/P School, Onitsha
55.  NIKOS N/P School, Onitsha
56.  Holy Seed N/P School, Onitsha
57.  Glorious Kids N/P School, Onitsha





1 Glorious Model N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
2 Mother Monica Nur. School, Fegge Onitsha
3 Chime Int’l. Nur. School, Fegge Onitsha
4 Christ Light of the World N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
5 Dinpro Int’l. N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
6 Awesome Montessori N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
7 God is Able Nur. School, Fegge Onitsha
8 Word Faith N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
9 Christ Foundation N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
10 C.Jane osy Kids (Academy) N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
11 My Ebenezer (Grammar) N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
12 St. Stephen Int’l. N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
13 Good News Global Foundation N/P. School, Fegge Onitsha
14 De Angels N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
15 Green Pasture N/P School, Odoakpu Onitsha
16 Eye on the Future N/P School, Odoakpu Onitsha
17 Immaculate of Mary N/P School, Odoakpu Onitsha
18 Majesty Foundation N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
19 Nwakama N/P School, Odoakpu Onitsha
20 Hope in God N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
21 Christ the Saviour N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
22 Success Kids N/P School, Odoakpu Onitsha
23 Divine Int’l. N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
24 Maranatha Academy N/P School, Odoakpu Onitsha
25 God is Great Int’l. N/P School, Fegge Onitsha
26 Great Land Mark Int’l. School, Odoakpu Onitsha
27 Word Faith P/ School, Fegge Onitsha
28 Pure Knowledge of God P/ School, Fegge Onitsha
29  Star Kids Secondary School, Onitsha






1 Success Model Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
2 God’s Help Nur/ Primary School, Okpoko
3 Gospel Nur/Pimary School, OKpoko
4 Premier Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
5 Excel Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
6 Model Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
7 Madonna Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
8 Onward Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
9 Golden Child Nur/Primary Nkpikpa
10 God’s Favour Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
11 God’s Will Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
12 Bible Way Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
13 God in King Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
14 Marcelia .M.Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
15 Golden Land Nur/Primary School, Nkpikpa
16 Our Lord is God Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
17 Tender Model Kiddies Care Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
18 Right Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
19 Divine Grace Int’l. Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
20 God’s Intervention Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
21 Blessed Wisdom Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
22 Mater Dei Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
23 Word of God Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe
24 Kasiel Learning Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
25 Wee Wisdom Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
26 Divine Royal Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
27 Dominion Academy Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
28 Blessing Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
29 Messiah Foundation X//S Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
30 Maryland Int’l. Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
31 Jesus the Mentor Int’l. Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
32 Sunset Foundation Nur/Primary School, Nkpikpa
33 New Generation Model Nur/Primary Okpoko
34 Great Child Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
35 Queen of Peace Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
36 Good Shepherd Nur/Primary Okpoko
37 God’s Gift Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
38 Divine Mercy Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
39 Winners Solid Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
40 Divine Justice Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
41 Finger of God Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
42 Jesus Cares Nur/Primary Iyiowa
43 Divine Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
44 Evans Model Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
45 Epiphany Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
46 First Foundation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
47 Divine Success Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
48 Peculiar Int’l. Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
49 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
50 Genesis Int’l. Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe
51 Victor Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekep
52 Martha Dei Nur/Primary School, Nkpikpa
53 Unique Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe
54 St. Paul’s Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe
55 Messiah the King Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
56 Busy Minds Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
57 Mater Amabilis Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
58 Bedrock Academy Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
59 Child of God Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
60 Light Int’l. Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
61 Divine Grace Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
62 Christ the King Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe
63 Gate of Heaven Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
64 Santa Cruz Nur/Primary School, Nkpikpa
65 Dynamic Nur/Primary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe
66 Royal Kings Kids Int’l. Nur/Primary school, Okpoko
67 Christ Ambassadors Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
68 Immaculate Genius Nur/Primary School, Odekpe
69 Genesis Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
70 Seed of Wisdom Nur/Primary School, Ogbaru
71 De Sophia Pitch Nur/Primary School, Ogbaru
72 Divine Favour Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
73 New Generation Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
74 Lumen Model Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
75 Ambassadors Academy Nur/Primary School, Okpoko
76 Apex Triumphant Nur/Primary Okoti-Odekpe
77 Paulcillia Nur/Primary School, Odekpe
78 Innocent Creative Mind Nur/Primary School, Nkpikpa
79 Christ Banner Nur/Primary School, Nkpikpa
80 Grace of God Nur/Primary School, Umunnankwo
81 Eminent Scholars Sec. School Nkpikpa
82 Christ Banner Sec. School, Nkpikpa
83 Formidable Sec. School, Okpoko






1 High Crest N/P School, Nteje
2 Divine Kids N/P School Nkwelle Ezunaka
3 Divine Excel N/P School, Nkwelle Ezunaka
4 New Divine Foundation N/P School, Ogbunike
5 Rainbow Kids N/P School, Nkwelle Ezunaka
6 Best Legacy N/P School, Nkwelle Ezuanaka
7 Philadelphia N/P School, Nkwelle Ezunaka
8 Brighter Hope N/P School, Nkwelle Ezunaka
9 Charles Heery N/P School Nkwelle Ezuanka
10 Best Brain N/P School, Umunya
11 St. Francis N/P School, Awkuzu
12 Gods Settlement Lion Nur. School, Awkuzu
13 Golden Knowledge N/P School, Awkuzu
14 Standard Model N/P School, Nkwelle Ezuanka
15 Merciful God Foundation N/P School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka
16 Joehill Int’l. N/P School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka
17 Pater Noster N/P School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka
18 Ideal Model Sec. School, Nkwelle Ezunanka
19 Golden Knowledge Sec. School, Awkuzu
20 Standard Model Sec. School, Nkwelle Ezunaka
21 Christ Model College Nteje
22 Daughters and Sons of Zion N/P School, Oze
23 Fountry Love N/P School, Oze
24 Fountain of Knowledge N/P School, Oze
25 Bethel School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka
26 Precious Kids N/P & Sec. School, Awkuzu
27 The Crown Int’l. N/P School, Awkuzu
28 Great Grace N/P School, Ogbunike
29 Prince Guard N/P School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka
30 Ebelechukwu Int’l. N/P School, Ogbunike
31 St. Felix Christ N/P School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka


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