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  • 01. Can start a School on a rented apartment?

    No, it has to be on a permanent site.

  • 02. How long should I operate before applying for approval?

    It is advisable to apply for approval before you start operation if the basic facilities are in place or on the first year of operation to avoid payment of penalty fees for illegal operation.

  • 03. What about if I do not have space for playground? Is there an alternative?

    Playground with dedicated play equipment for pupils is a MUST in every School, but in a situation whereby a school hasn’t got enough space for sporting activities like athletics, footballing etc you can negotiate with the management of a nearby school that has one and obtain a written permission from them to make use of their field when necessary.

  • 04. Can l open a school on any site/location?

    The proposed school site has to satisfy the following conditions:
    (I.) Not prone to erosion (ii.) Atable land, not water-logged
    (iii.) The distance between the proposed school and an already existing one must not be less than 1Km (iv.) Not near to a market place or an industrial area
    (v.) Accessible and motorable all year round (Rainy & dry season)
    (vi. Located within human habitation
    (vii.) An environment conducive for effective teaching and
    (viii.) Spacious land space that can adequately cater for all the
    necessary basic facilities for operating such a school such as field/playground, classrooms, laboratories, library, conveniences farmland, etc.

  • 05. Where can I obtain the Government IGR code No?

    You can obtain the Government IGR Code No. from Accounts Department MOE Head Quarters.

  • 06. Do I have to pay cash at any Ministry of Education office to obtain an application form?

    No, you pay at the Bank with the correct government IGR Code No and then obtain Treasury receipt at MOE Hqtrs. Awka, Accounts Dept, on presentation of the bank teller & printout.

  • 07. What other fees/levies must I pay before approval and after approval?

    (i.) Sports levy applicable to Primary and Secondary Schools:
    Primary School-N150 = per pupil
    Secondary School-N300 = per student

    (i.) Registration fees applicable to all the levels, but the amount differs:
    Nursery School-N50.000.00
    Primary School-N150;000.00
    Secondary School-N250, 000. 00

    (i.) Yearly Renewal fee applicable to all the levels, but the amount differs:
    Nursery School – N10, 000. 00

  • 08. What are the fees for application forms for the different levels of schools?

    Nursery school is N20, 000. 00
    Primary school is N30,000.00
    Secondary school is N50, 000.00

  • 09. I have a complaint. Who do I talk to about my concerns?

    Write to the Madam Commissioner for Education for your complaints and concerns

  • 10. Where can I get the application form for registration of School?

    You can get the application form from Director, Schools Department on payment of the appropriate fees.

  • 11. What are the Mandatory Documents for School Registration?

    The Mandatory Documents are:

    (I.) Perimeter survey plan

    (ii.) Evidence of land acquisition (Power of Attorney/Deed of transfer).

    (ii.) Title to land

    (iv.) Evidence of financial capability

    (v.) 3years/ 6years Development plan

    (vi.) Building plan

    (vii Site Plan

  • 12. How do I register my New School?

    Write a letter to the Honourable Commissioner applying for permission to operate a school. Include in the application, your Curriculum Vitae (CV) with your full contact address and phone number(s).

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