Nobody has the right to touch a teacher – Commissioner for Education

The Commissioner for Education, Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh has stated unequivocally, that nobody has the right to manhandle a teacher. The Commissioner said this on day two of the academic retreat held for headteachers at ASUBEB Hall, Awka.
Addressing the head teachers from Anambra South Senatorial zone, Prof. Chuma-Udeh stated that such acts would not be tolerated by the government.

Nobody touches a teacher and expects to go scot-free, she stated. The Commissioner said that the essence of inviting the head teachers to the retreat is to instil in them the understanding that teaching is a noble profession. “Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are one with nature, you may not understand who you are and you see yourself as that human managing a meagre salary but I want you to know you are worth more.

You are that divine being created by God to mould and nurture souls. You are in partnership with God, hence ought to be proud of your career”. The Commissioner appreciated the teachers for standing firm all through the years, rigorously being teachers. “I know your pains. I know of what you have suffered to be a teacher because l am also a teacher. I am not just a teacher, I was born to be a teacher. I have no regrets about being one and if I happen to come to this world again I will still be a teacher”.

“My greatest joy in life is being a teacher. In my younger days, I was addressed as “Ngozi nwa headmistress” because my mum was a teacher and she encouraged me to become a teacher.” “Today l also encourage my children and those living in my household to become teachers because teachers do not grow old and their children are not miscreants”, she stated.
She stated that Mr Governor, Prof.Chukwuma Soludu wants the best for the sector as he is very passionate about education and teachers.

The Commissioner further disclosed that the academic retreat will be an annual event and enjoin the head teachers to use the opportunity to air their pains and challenges. She went ahead to state that the solution might not be immediate but they can go back knowing that someone cares and is working towards finding a solution.

Commissioner Chuma-Udeh called on the head teachers to brace up for the change coming next academic session because the education sector will run with Mr Governor’s vision of raising a tribe of digitalised people who can hold their stand in a digitalised world.

Earlier in her speech, the Officer in charge, Mrs Ogochukwu Obi stated that the retreat was organised to educate the head teachers on areas of improvement in line with the minimum standard for Basic Education while also serving as capacity-building for head teachers in performing their roles and responsibilities effectively.

The high point of the retreat was training on the use and functions of the biometrics portal which will be used extensively next academic session by the ministry to monitor and coordinate activities in schools.


Obiageli Nwankwo
Info.Officer,(Min of Education)

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