Commissioner for Education Bemoans High Incidence of Drug Abuse amongst Youths

Commissioner for Education,Prof Ngozi Chuma-Udeh has bemoaned the high incidence of drug abuse amongst youths. The Commissioner expressed this while receiving members of the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Anambra Command,in her office at Jerome Udorji Sectariate,Awka.

The Commissioner expressed her dismay over the issue stating that every sector of the state should be actively involved in the fight against drug abuse. ” The future of every society are the youths and it is saddening to see the youths, our future leaders being destroyed by this vice, she lamented. The Commissioner commended the agency for the initiatives they have mapped out to tackle the problem and assured them of the state’s readiness to work with them in the fight aganist drug abuse by youths, especially at the primary and secondary level. Earlier the new Commander of NDLEA, Anambra Command ,Mrs Florence Ezeonye stated that it was alarming the depth youths have fallen prey to these dangerous substances. Mrs Ezeonye stated that it was rapidly becoming the norm to see children of 9 and 11 years hooked on drugs.

“Abuse of drug youths has moved to primary and secondary schools, children at this stage of life are at their most vulnerable hence the need for teachers,government,parents and individuals to join hands in sensitizing and enlightening the children on the dangerous effect of taking up such vice”, she emphasized. The Commander stated that the focus has shifted from tertiary to primary and secondary schools as she believed in catching them young.

Mrs Ezeonye stated,” the only thing that can set the children free is having credible information on how to avoid getting into it, how to deal with peer pressure, how to deal with the problem if already into it and signals for parents to watch out in their children in order to curb it early”. She solicited the help of Governor Soludo’s administration in sponsorship of radio and television educational programs on drug abuse and the inherent danger it portends. She also advised parents to take their children to rehabilitation centres than taking them to mental homes or police station,a situation that worsens the issue, she added.

Highlight of the visit was the decoration of the Commissioner with the NDLEA pin and outfit.


Obiageli Nwankwo
Info Officer,Min of Education

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